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Food safety programs that work for you.

Whether you’re a large manufacturing plant with hundreds of employees or a small homestyle bakery with a staff of two, members of today’s food industry face a number of systemic, industry-wide issues. Confusing standards, complex audits, expensive mistakes, inconsistent rules, and chronic issues that never get resolved are common in the food industry – because food safety is confusing.

At Navigate Food Safety Solutions, we simplify your food safety processes without sacrificing the product quality your customers deserve. Our programs are designed to give control back to the food manufacturing industry at the plant level and we help you reach and maintain food safety standards that make sense to you and your team. Our programs are specifically tailored to ensure your facility consistently exceeds the safety standards of your industry.

High-caliber management systems for enhanced food safety practices.

Raising the Bar in Food Safety™

Navigate Food Safety Solutions uses an in-depth staff-centric coaching approach and lean, efficient programs that both exceed industry standards while minimizing disruptions to the operation. Our approach includes a wealth of technical expertise, assistance in developing required management tools, and hands-on training.

Our company develops high caliber food industry management systems and provides solutions for enhanced food safety and quality control practices.  Read More…

Bridging the Gap in Food Safety

Our Bridging the Gap in Food Safety program is designed to address the gaps in standards, communication, and knowledge between auditors and food manufacturers. The purpose of the Bridge is to create a comprehensive platform where stakeholders work collaboratively to create a common set of standards and provide consistent expectations for each industry. Read more…

Setting the Bar for External Audits

Putting an end to audit pain.

There’s no question, as plant managers, quality managers and food safety teams, you see a lot of red tape, irrelevant non-conformances, and auditors who just don’t understand your process. Often you’re even left without a way to fight back. At Navigate Food Safety Solutions, we’ve developed process-specific training programs that add measurable value to your operation and ensure all players share the same expectations and are held accountable for their share of the audit process.  Read more…

Our Vision

Navigate Food Safety Solutions is dedicated to changing the way the world thinks of food safety. Through our commitment to well-managed, simple solutions, we empower and train your food safety team to be audit ready every day.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to eliminate red tape across food production processes, reduce wasted time, effort, and resources. We develop process-specific programs that add measurable value to food safety practices and plant operations. We deliver real results directly related to your operations and consistent with the reality of your facility. We’re fast and we challenge ourselves to consistently deliver efficient, high-quality, trustworthy results.

Our Method

Simple: We believe simple, entertaining learning strategies are the most effective way to educate teams. Simple processes are the key to finding complex solutions.

Engaging: Our focus is people. We’re all in this together and we’re not done until your team has reached their goals. We make it easy and that makes everybody’s life better.

Effective: We get to the bottom of things and we don’t fake it. Our approach is based on sound science, not fear. It’s holistic and complex, yet uncomplicated and easy to implement.

Our Approach

Our company develops high caliber management systems for enhanced food safety. Our unique approach to coaching builds your team’s desire and capacity to keep your facility audit ready every day.

•  We approach each new project from a holistic, practical, and light-hearted perspective. We work within the systems you’ve established to thoroughly identify your needs. This helps ensure we get a detailed look at the big picture.

•  We assess your systems and work closely with clients to identify the desired outcome and determine how to best accomplish those goals in the most efficient and economical way possible.

•  We’ll cut away the red tape and focus in on the most important or severe issues and design practical, hands-on, effective solutions that last.

•  Whether you want to revamp your management system or want to take your programs to the next level, our solutions are highly customizable.

•  We’ll cater our programs to meet your specific needs and transparently determine the parameters of what they should achieve.

•  We simplify your systems and implement programs that work for you.

We deliver specific results directly related to the operations of your facility – your and consistent with the reality of production. Whether it’s the improvement of existing food safety program, resolving a specific concern, or to building implementing a whole new system, we design solutions that fit your specific needs.

Our programs are strategically designed to address the systemic safety issues faced by food processing companies. We believe simple, engaging, and informed solutions are the most effective – and in the fast-paced, consumer-driven marketplace of today, food safety has never been so important.