Internal Audit Training

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8 Modules ~ 8 Weeks ~ Step By Step

How to build a manageable Internal Audit Program that delivers results, makes you better every day, and minimizes the strain on your precious resources.

Start Date: January 2019

Investment: $800 CAD

Each Weekly Module consists of: 

  • Video explaining lesson theory
  • Exercise to practice in your own plant
  • End of week roundup Q&A session on

Weekly Modules:

  1. The Big Picture
    What’s an audit anyways?
  2. Vertical audit
    Quickly touching every program.
  3. Reviews
    Making sure your plan is good.
  4. Interviews
    Getting everybody involved.
  5. Process audits
    Digging deep where it matters most.
  6. CA, RCA, etc
    Using results to improve your system.
  7. Wrapping it all up
    How does certification fit in all that?
  8. Ask anything
    What else do you want to know about internal audits?


Meet the Trainer:


Alex Hanley


Alex Hanley is a food safety expert, coach, and auditor. Over his 20 years in the industry, Alex has travelled the world designing, implementing and auditing best practices for food manufacturers of every size and production level. His approach is to keep things simple and solid. And he likes to have fun!

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