Does a new product mean a new HACCP plan?

Posted by Alex Hanley on Mar 30, 2017 4:25:11 PM

So you operate a chocolate chip cookie plant. You have all of your prerequisite programs in place (sanitization, packaging, new equipment checklist, etc.), a strong HACCP plan and your plant functions safely, smoothly, and efficiently. The good news: Your chocolate chip cookies are so popular that you decide to add a new line of cookies!

The challenge: You have to determine if you need to create a new HACCP plan when you introduce a new product? 

The short answer: Not necessarily.

It depends on whether the new product line is considered as a SIGNIFICANT CHANGE or NOT within your existing HACCP plan.

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Learning the Language of HACCP

Posted by Alex Hanley on Mar 2, 2017 11:00:32 AM

Have you ever tried to conduct a meaningful
conversation when you don’t share a
common language?

How successfully could you have learned your multiplication tables if they were taught to you in Mandarin?

Would you attempt to operate a piece of equipment if the only set of instructions you had were written in code?

It’s fair to say, attempting to navigate any situation where you don’t understand the language will present problems. 

So, here’s another question for you…

How well do you speak HACCP?

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Topics: HACCP, HACCP Training

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