What is management's role in food safety?

In an initial meeting with a new client several months ago, the plant manager told me he was challenged to clearly communicate his commitment to food safety when faced with an audit. Whatever he said, it seemed it was never enough to satisfy the auditor.  He also confessed to losing sleep over the fact that although he was very committed (and he was!) and doing everything he could, he still worried about a food safety recall. He felt unclear about whether his team was doing everything possible to prevent one.

The manager was somewhat frustrated by this situation. After all, he is at the helm, working hard with the best of intentions and very aware food safety is critical. I quickly assured him he was not alone!

After conducting food safety audits in hundreds, and I mean hundreds of food manufacturing plants, I knew I was right when I told him everyone is in the same boat. Details vary, but the big picture is the same in every plant I visit.

People are trying to do a good job, but it's hard when they are bombarded with an unending flow of information, standards to uphold, and regulations to follow. It's all complex and confusing. But it doesn't have to be. After a great meeting with that client, I developed custom training to help him better explain management's food safety responsibilities to his team. Armed with this training he is now in a better position to hold his team accountable. Isn't that how management shows their commitment best- by holding their team accountable and ensuring they are on track? 

It worked! He found it so helpful, we decided to share it to help all plant managers better understand their role in food safety. We are presenting "Management's Role in Food Safety" designed specifically for plant owners and senior managers, followed by an in-depth discussion and Q&A with Navigate Food Safety Solutions founder, yours truly.

This presents a great opportunity to better understand where management fits in a food safety system and key steps to ensuring the role are clear and implemented. In other words, the next time an auditor asks how your company "demonstrates management commitment to food safety" during an audit, you'll be ready to answer!

Our client loved this training and I'm sure you will as well! We are hosting two live events and online training. Please join us live or online!

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