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Traditional gap assessments are entirely focused on meeting a standard external to your organization. Meeting these external standards is a very important business imperative, but by no means is it your only business imperative. What's more, focusing on a standard can easily happen at the expense of other important business imperatives, such as keeping things simple so people understand, ensuring your entire team is engaged, avoiding red tape, focusing resources where they make a real difference, and keeping costs under control. Traditional gap assessments are strongly focused on documentation.

The Whole System Gap Assessment offers a holistic evaluation of all your business imperatives related to a big project like implementing a new standard. This is followed by a holistic assessment of where you are now with your people, your programs, and your plant, along with learning key concepts in managing food safety.

Based on that evaluation, on your overall goals, and on other key decisions you make during the day, we will develop a roadmap to ensure you meet all of your business imperatives, including being certified and gaining access to new markets.

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Some of the topics covered include:

  Establishing clear goals for your project
  Good and not-so-good team dynamics
  Seven ways to keep programs simple
  A five-step process to structure a step-change
  The relationship between Management systems, Programs and Procedures
  The difference between ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’
  The difference between a ‘big gap’ and a ‘little gap’ 
  Identifying big gaps in your plant, people and programs


How Would I Benefit From This?

This assessment is tailored to your specific needs. It focuses on your business as a whole. We set the foundations for success based on your plant goals and establish a customized process based on a solid consideration of all your needs. You’ll avoid the traditional gap assessment approach of one size fits all and a narrow focus only on the standard.

Whether you're seeking certification in a standard benchmarked to the GFSI or simply have programs that aren’t delivering, we promise an expert assessment of your current situation and a clear path to meet your goals.


As a result of this, you’ll be able to:

  Move forward based on expert oversight and advice
  Make key decisions
  Look at your programs through a new lens
  Have clarity on the path ahead
  Have all your team members on the same page



What's included?

  1-day onsite coaching: to inspect your facility, review your programs, and interview your team.
  A Workbook: to facilitate interactions, note-taking, and decision making.
 A report: summarizing the work done, the scope of the issues and the gaps observed.
 A roadmap: clearly outlining the path ahead.
  Online training: to support the learnings of the day. (one year access)
  Management tools: to support the actions taken.

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* Plus applicable taxes, travel, meals and accommodation. Expenses are billed at cost and invoiced separately. Every effort is made to keep expenses to a minimum! 


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