Everyday Food Safety

Building a Food Safety Culture – Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day.

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35 Minutes
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5 Lessons focused on building skills


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It is every leader’s job to:

       know their area is fit to produce food,

       make sure their paperwork is up to snuff,

       know their team is on the ball,

       hold their team accountable, and

       prioritize actions when situations arise.

In this online training, you will learn foundation skills for leading food safety on the floor every day.

The information is straightforward, useful and practical, so you and your team are set up for success.

Through video lessons, short exercises and practical tools, you will learn how to divide the work so everyone can play a part in keeping food safe. Start harnessing the power of your whole team.

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                        Best Everyday Practices to Learn and Incorporate:

            Eyes wide open: What to look for in the plant every day 

            Verifying records: The common patterns to look for when reviewing records

            Talking to people: How to get the most out of interviews

           Rating: How to rate issues you find

            Prioritizing: How to respond to your findings based on their rating

Who's This Training For? 

Managers, Supervisors and Keen Operators working in food manufacturing/processing plants! 

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Do you sometimes feel the responsibility for food safety falls too much on the quality team? This results in a lack of clarity about responsibilities for food safety in the plant. The other departments are waiting for instructions from the quality department, even though they should know what to do.

This course presents simple actions to integrate into the daily routine of each team. Everyone will have clear responsibilities that fit naturally into their workload. The tasks are simple and easy to perform. The result: the workload will be well-distributed, all departments will be involved, and you will have even more confidence in your programs.

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     As a result of This Course, You'll Be Able To:

            Recognize issues on the floor with a clear understanding of what to look for

            Assess gaps in records and document issues quickly and regularly

            Assess gaps in skills and behaviour through good interviews

            Define and rate the results of your findings

            Prioritize the work and plan the activities to improve day-to-day practices



What's Included?

Everyday Food Safety

  • 8 videos ~ 35 minutes lesson time
  • Practical exercises to take learnings to the plant
  • Final assessment
  • Training certificate

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