Foundations in Internal Auditing ~ Masterclass

Unlock the Potential of Your Internal Audit Team

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8 Months


Deep dive on one topic
each month

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 * $100 USD / person / month
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There is a lot of confusion when it comes to Internal Audits, and therefore responsibility usually falls on the QA's shoulders alone. Other team members often aren't involved because of complicated audit processes they don't understand.

In this online course, you can get back to the underlying principles of Internal Audits. You will be able to perform audits as a team and make them impactful!

Through video lessons, case studies, and practical tools, this Masterclass teaches how to develop a fully functional Internal Audit program that improves your food safety programs, involves your team, and helps you run a tight ship.

cropped-checkbox-icon-192x192 Take Your Internal Audits From Painful to Productive!


                  Each Monthly Module Includes:

           One hour lessons, easy to digest, accessible on-demand 24/7

           Online access to expert advice, and access to hot topic webinars

           Practical exercises to take learnings to the plant and "flex the muscle"

           Tools and templates to provide a head start when implementing in your own facility

            Access to a private online community to share experiences and gain peer support


cropped-checkbox-icon-192x192 Why a Masterclass?

In today’s fast-paced environment, with plant operations becoming more and more complicated every day, it's important for management teams to have a solid Internal Audit program in place. Through experience helping real people in real plants, we realized going back to the basics is key to gaining control of programs, processes, and external audits. This Masterclass simplifies the complexity of food safety compliance through practical, actionable, and easy-to-understand steps. It's designed as a framework to enable you to gain the knowledge and skills to internally audit your programs as a team effectively and ensure you are food safe every day!


           As a Result of This Course, You'll Be Able To:

            Understand how to simplify audit processes

            Build a simple Audit Program that meets every GFSI standard

            Put an end to the stressful, wasteful "boom & bust" cycle

            Understand how to share the load with your team

            Have documents aligned with reality, and that people understand

            Communicate clearly with your team using a common vocabulary

            Explain and defend your programs to an external auditor




Module Topics

 Month 1
 Month 2
     Rating Non-Conformances
 Month 3
     Vertical Audits 
  Month 4
  Month 5
     Writing an Audit Plan
  Month 6
     Process Audits 
  Month 7
     Corrective Action & Root Cause Analysis
  Month 8
     The Audit Program 


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