Foundations in Food Safety ~ Masterclass

Build confidence - Align programs with reality - Engage your team

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12 Months


Deep dive on one topic
each month

Introductory Price

 * $100 USD / person / month
* 1 Year subscription

Understanding what it takes to meet food safety requirements is often complex. Explaining that to everyone on your team so they can perform is almost impossible.

What if you could apply the basics to the reality in your facility, keep programs simple and effective, and engage your whole team in the work?

Through video lessons, case studies, and practical tools, this Masterclass teaches how to align your programs with your organization’s needs and still meet regulatory, customer, and certification requirements. You'll receive a printable certificate of completion at the end of the training.

cropped-checkbox-icon-192x192Make it simple, make it work, and maintain your certification!


                  Each Monthly Module Includes:

            One hour lesson, easy to digest, accessible on-demand 24/7

            Online access to expert advice, and access to hot topic webinars  

            Practical exercises to take learnings to the plant and "flex the muscle"

            Tools and templates to provide a head start when implementing in your own facility

           Private online community to share experiences and gain peer support


Who's This Masterclass for?

Anyone who develops or manages food safety programs in a facility!


cropped-checkbox-icon-192x192 Why a Masterclass?

Everyone feels they are alone in facing challenges when it comes to food safety, but every facility has some degree of "messy under the hood." That doesn’t mean you can’t get a handle on food safety. Through our experience with real people in real plants, we found the best first step to people feeling empowered in their operation is for them to gain a basic understanding of food safety management. This Masterclass is designed to be a framework that puts you in a position of strength where you can take ownership of your programs, take pride in them and lead everyone on your team.


          As a result of this course, you'll:

            Understand basic concepts in food safety

            Know how to apply these concepts in your facility

            Be able to keep your programs simple

            Be able to ensure your programs are in line with reality

            Be confident: Your products are safe ~ your programs are solid

            Be able to defend your programs


Get a Feel for the Training!


Module Topics

  Month 1 
     Management Programs 
  Month 2
   Month 3
     Sanitation, Pest Control and Maintenance
   Month 4
     Foreign Material Control, GMPs and Chemicals
   Month 5 
     Allergens, Material Handling and Packaging Controls
   Month 6 
     Verification & Validation
   Month 7 
     Food Defence & Food Fraud
   Month 8 
     Ingredient & Supplier Approval
   Month 9 
     Competencies and Food Safety Culture
  Month 10 
    Crisis Management and Recalls 
   Month 11
     Handling Incidents - Practice
   Month 12
     The Management System

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