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I am not responsible for audits. Why do I need this training?

This training is about providing basic skills needed for the day-to-day management of food safety. The skills we use in managing food safety are the same skills we use in internal audits. Even if you are not responsible for audits, your daily actions can contribute to the outcome of the audit because we all play a role, no matter how big or small, in producing safe food.

Why should I take this training?

This training will provide the basic skills needed to incorporate food safety into the daily operations of your plant. It provides a simple and practical approach that will enable everyone on the team to engage with food safety. The real results will come from doing the work. 

Will this training solve problems with employee engagement?

This training is about "knowing what to do." But knowing what to do is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to employee engagement. The other components include: establishing clear measures of success, monitoring performance, and providing feedback when performance falls short of expectations.

How will this training positively impact my daily work?

After this training, you will know 10 simple things to look for in the plant, 10 things to look for in records, and 10 tasks to observe within your team. You will also be able to rate nonconformances, prioritize, and decide how much resources and attention to give to a particular situation. By doing these things every day, you will be able to address small problems before they become big ones.

Is this training aimed at everyone who works in the plant or just the quality department?

Although the training is focused on middle management, employees at all levels of the plant will learn something from this training! This training will teach you and your team simple and practical things they can do every day that will contribute to food safety in the plant.

Is this a technical training?

This training is written in a non-technical way so that anyone can understand it. We have developed this training with real operators, supervisors and managers, in real plants, in mind. A maintenance supervisor or a shipping and receiving person can understand it all, and it will give them something relevant to their daily work. 

Why should supervisors and operators take training in Basic Audit Skills?

Producing safe food starts with the employees who are in direct contact with the product throughout the process. By training them on what to look for every day in the plant and what to do if they find something wrong, they will be engaged and you will start seeing real improvements in food safety culture.

Why is this training different?

Most training is delivered in a way that information is passed from the top down; managers communicate down. In talking to real teams in real plants, we found that the people working on the production floor needed practical, straightforward training. And they needed to know how to incorporate it into their daily routines. They wanted to engage with Food Safety but did not have a clear path to follow.

”Everyone is responsible for food safety" - how can "everyone" get involved in a meaningful way?

Every employee, at every level, can contribute to food safety in the plant by keeping their eyes open, checking their work area every day for anything unusual, and reporting any problems they find. This training explains in simple steps how to get everyone involved and doing their part.


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How can I pay for the training?

You can securely pay online with your credit card. If you would like to discuss other payment options, contact us.

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No, there will not be tax added to the price listed. Taxes are included.

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You have one full year to complete the training. Your access will expire after one year from the date of purchase.

Whom do I contact if I have questions during the training?

You can contact our Online Training Support, Ellen Holland, at ellen@navigatefoodsafety.com

What is your refund policy?

You can request a refund at training@navigatefoodsafety.com. Our online training can be refunded within 7 days of the purchase date provided you have not accessed the online training.  

I need training and some help, what other services do you provide?

We offer online and on-site training, as well as on-site consulting. To learn more, visit our website.


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