Take Control

A straightforward training where you will learn how to build a manageable Internal Audit Program that delivers results, makes you better every day, and minimizes the strain on your precious resources. It's time to stop dreading audits and start regaining control! 

Does your current internal audit program:

  • Leave you feeling confident throughout the year or during an audit?
  • Effect real change?
  • Improve your programs?
  • Include the entire team, not just the Quality department?
  • Create solutions to the stressful boom & bust cycle?
  • Easily fits in everybody’s schedule?
  • Improve the food safety culture in your plant or organization?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, we can help!

Meet your Food Safety Coach

Our training is delivered by our lead Food Safety Coach, Alex Hanley.

Alex brings decades of experience as an auditor with a strong desire to simplify and streamline the auditing process. After seeing the struggle that so many food manufacturers experienced due to audits, he dedicated his career to alleviating these challenges and improving the industry as a whole.

Do you have a large team? Contact us to learn about special rates for large organizations or how we can customize this training for you. 

Optional: Facilitated learning by a Navigate Food Safety Coach. Your coach can meet with your key food safety team members periodically to help answer questions and assist in the integration of Internal Auditing in your plant. Contact us for rates.

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