Internal Auditor Training

Regain Control of Your Audit Program

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8 Hours of
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9 Modules focused on key audit methods


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Be Confident the Food You Are Making Is Safe!

This online training provides you with the skills needed to build a manageable, successful Internal Audit Program. You will have tools and skills to effectively audit your food safety management system, implement positive improvements to programs and minimize the strain on your precious resources.

Through video lessons, case studies, and practical tools, you will learn how to divide the work so everyone can play a part in keeping food safe!

cropped-checkbox-icon-192x192 Stop dreading audits and start gaining control! 


           Module Topics Covered:

            The Big Picture: Understanding Food Safety Management Systems

            Basic Audit Skills: Understanding the foundational skills required to manage food safety every day

           Audit Plan: Planning your audits throughout the year and understanding the how-to’s of auditing 

            Inspections: Engaging the whole team in monthly inspections

            Vertical Audits: Gathering records and interpreting the results

            Interviews: Identifying gaps in your team's knowledge

            Making an Audit Plan: Building a plan for your Process Audit

           Process Audits: Putting an Audit Plan into action through a Process Audit

           Corrective Actions: Understanding how to use your results to improve your system

Who's This Training For?

Quality Managers, Managers, and Plant Owners working in food manufacturing/processing plants! 

cropped-checkbox-icon-192x192 Why Would I Need This Training?

Does your plant have a Quality Superhero? A boom & bust cycle of the big cleanup before an external audit? These are symptoms of an Internal Audit program that’s not working. If you want to engage your whole team in audits and feel confident throughout the year, this course is for you!

This training focuses on the three main aspects of any food safety management system: People, Plant and Paper. It will help you put the responsibility for food safety back where it belongs - shared among everyone in your facility. Your team will understand how to work together, share the load and take responsibility.

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            As a result of This Course, You'll Be Able To:

             Understand and perform 4 different audit methods

            Communicate clearly with your team using a common vocabulary

            Pull everything together in a simple audit program that meets any GFSI standard

            Determine the significance of issues and apply the appropriate corrective actions

            Explain and justify your programs to an external auditor   

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What's Included?

Internal Audits ~ A critical tool to being ready every day!

  • 8 hours of video content
  • Practical exercises to reinforce your understanding
  • Downloadable content and sample training plans
  • Case studies to put what you’ve learned into practice
  • Final assessment
  • Training Certificate

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Meet your Food Safety Coach

Optional: Training customization and/or facilitated learning by a Navigate Food Safety Coach. Your coach can meet with your key food safety team members periodically to help answer questions and assist in the integration of Internal Auditing in your plant.

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