Teamwork Training

The How-to of Dividing the Work and Engaging Everyone in the Plant

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Step by step instruction to assign who holds what, when it comes to food safety


Simple explanations, tools and templates to guide the process

Food Safety Culture Improvements

Your team working together towards a common goal

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Food-safe manufacturing doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a team, and that means the entire team, working together with clear goals and an understanding of everyone’s roles.

This training focuses on the underlying principles of food safety culture. It provides guidance on how to improve your team performance! Through step-by-step instructions, a downloadable workbook and tools & templates, you will learn how to break down the work and assign responsibilities and accountability in a way that makes sense.

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           Lesson Topics:

            Introduction: Understanding the simple steps to improve food safety culture 

             Laying the Foundation: Exploring the natural flow of power and accountability in an organization

            Everybody's Responsible for Food Safety: Understanding essential rules the whole team must follow

            Role of Food Safety Leader: Understanding how to coordinate the team's work

           The Hard Work of Managing Food Safety: Exploring the role of the Management Team in food safety

            Dividing the Work: Understanding Program Owners' Role

            With Ultimate Power Comes Ultimate Responsibility: Clarifying Upper Management's Role

            The Missing Link: Exploring the role Supervisors play in Food Safety

           Getting the Work Done: The step by step of implementing the learnings 

           Review: Highlighting things you need to share with your team


Who's This Training For?

      Everyone working at food manufacturing/processing plants - from Owners to Operators!

cropped-checkbox-icon-192x192 Why Would I Need This Training?

Plants are much more likely to perform well when their people work effectively as a team. This course unpacks the role of everyone in the plant from owner to operator and all those in between. It includes simple steps to improve food safety culture and to work at being better every day. In fact, we’ve seen the most success when this training is taken by all members instead of select teams!


     As a result of this course, you'll be able to:

           Work together to achieve meaningful work and have programs that are in line with reality

           Understand how to harness the power of your whole team working on food safety

           Understand everyone’s natural role in food safety

           Divide the work at the plant, based on each person's strength

           Involve/Engage the whole team in food safety

           Understand how to align responsibility and authority



What's Included?

Teamwork Training

  • 10 videos (1 hour total)
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Commitment Contract template
  • Exercises
  • Final Quiz
  • Training Certificate

Group Rates Available

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Meet your Food Safety Coach



Option: Facilitated learning with a Navigate Food Safety Coach. Your coach can meet with your key food safety team members periodically to help answer questions and assist in the integration of Food Safety Team Training in your plant.

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