Training for Safer Food

What we know: Plants are much more likely to perform well when their people work effectively as a team. A high-performance team understands every member’s role and responsibilities. They divide the work in a way that makes sense, and they work together towards a common goal – positive food safety culture.

This training is designed for everyone, from members of the corporate or executive team to all members of the manufacturing team. In fact, we’ve seen the most success when it this training is taken by all members instead of select teams.

Teamwork Training - Course Outline

This training includes:

  • 10 videos (1 hour total)
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Learn Everyone's Role in Managing Food Safety
  • Align Responsibility with Authority
  • Divide the Work
  • Final Quiz
  • Training Certificate

$97 USD - Group rates available

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Optional: Facilitated learning by a Navigate Food Safety Coach. Your coach can meet with your key food safety team members periodically to help answer questions and assist in the integration of Food Safety Team Training in your plant. Book a call to learn more.


Your food safety coaches

Our training is delivered by our lead Food Safety Coach, Alex Hanley and COO Maureen Hanley. 

Alex brings decades of experience as an auditor with a strong desire to simplify and streamline the auditing process. Maureen has more than 30 years experience operating businesses, including a seafood processing plant.

Putting the Work in Teamwork


Our Promise

If you follow the steps outlined in this training, you will have the tools and confidence you need to build a high-performance team. 



Watch on-demand, in your own time, from your office, boardroom, or like many of us, from home!  You have access to this training for a full year after purchase.


Additional Resources

Throughout the series we will reference charts and organizational materials, all of which are included in the workbook in easy-to-use formats for you and your team.



We go beyond the theory. You'll receive simple, step-by-step instructions on how to implement everything you learn.

Happy to Help

To learn more about how we can help, send us a note or give us a call!

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