Learning the Language of HACCP

Have you ever tried to conduct a meaningful
conversation when you don’t share a OP2-1.jpg
common language?

How successfully could you have learned your multiplication tables if they were taught to you in Mandarin?

Would you attempt to operate a piece of equipment if the only set of instructions you had were written in code?

It’s fair to say, attempting to navigate any situation where you don’t understand the language will present problems. 

So, here’s another question for you…

How well do you speak HACCP?

HACCP is recognized internationally as the framework for managing risk to food safety. Everyone involved in food production knows that HACCP is the key to safe food.

At Navigate, we realize HACCP is more than that. We’ve come to understand that HACCP is indeed a language. In fact, it is the language spoken by everyone in the food industry.

So allow me to ask that last question again: Do you speak HACCP?

If your answer is “not as well as I’d like”, you’re not alone!

We’ve been simplifying HACCP in plants throughout North America and we know HACCP and overall food safety is better when we all speak a common language.

So, we’ve been busy creating a simplified refresher to help you master the language of HACCP. Nothing’s new. We’ve got some video, some exercises, and real-life case studies - and it’s all in plain English!

This training is our way of making it easy to speak HACCP in a way everyone can understand - from the front line operator to the CEO and everyone in between. Once everybody at the plant speaks the same language, the sky’s the limit. There is nothing in there an auditor, a customer, or a regulatory inspector wouldn’t be able to understand.

HACCP Simplified - a refresher training

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Image by Erika Varga

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