Food Safety Leader Roles, Responsibility, & Authority

Posted by The Navigate Food Safety Team on Feb 8, 2018 9:46:00 AM

High-performance teams have a process to manage food safety. Key to that process is figuring out exactly who should be doing what in the plant. Sounds simple right? Well add to that, they also align responsibility with authority and align responsibility along natural roles. Let's look at what the Food Safety Leader is typically doing, and then explore what they really should be doing when everybody is working as a team.

First, let's get the title out of the way. The Food Safety Leader is the person who holds the ball on food safety. She often feels like a babysitter and not well supported by everyone in the plant. Typically, she is in charge of Quality or Sanitation. She holds the glorified title of Food Safety Team leader, but there isn’t much teamwork happening so there's not much leading going on. More like coercing and nagging...

Sound familiar? Read on...

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